Love on those you love

Love on them. This saying seems to pop up everywhere these days. Love on them. Pour out your love on them. The word love is thrown around so much that it starts to get taken for granted. I love my husband and I loved that gammon my brother in law cooked for Christmas dinner. I […]

Little Mrs Johnson This Life

I see you

Hello my little girl. I see you. I see the way you snuggle up to me (and only me). I see your nine week old hands reaching for nothing and everything at the same time. I see your smiles. I hear your coos. I see your little body rise and fall with every breath. I […]

Little Baby Johnson This Life

Little people

These Littles are brought into our lives to make us remember our brokenness. Just as we think we have finally gotten it all together and can take on the world, we have a child. And when we finally manage to feel confident that we can manage the new role of parent and regain a small […]

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